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2017 Spring Fair

Spring Fair May 25th, 2017

Food & Drink
  1. BBQ and Pizza
  2. Will we have an International Food Table this year? It would require planning and food donation.
  3. Will we have a Bake Sale Table this year? It would require planning and food donation.
  4. Could we have food trucks parked to provide other food (charge a fee to each of them)? Or would this take too much away from our other food sales?
  5. Water truck
  6. Ice cream truck
  7. Popcorn/Cotton Candy
  1. Inflatable Plinko (rental from AdventureMania)
  2. Carnival Games (x4, rental from AdventureMania)
  3. Kiddie Games
  4. Prizes: Scholastic? Regal Road Swag?
Organization needed for prizes ahead of the fair and also on the day of for running the games and manning the prizes.

Rental Activities/Games (AdventureMania)
  1. World of Disney Bouncer
  2. Star Wars Bouncer
  3. 20' Double Lane Accelerator Slide
  4. Rocket Obstacle Course
  5. Circular Combo
Volunteers needed on the day of for safety and managing lines/tickets.

Silent Auction

Merchandise needed. Please contact RegalRoadSC@gmail.com to be put in touch with the Silent Auction Coordinator (Amy) and get an official letter of request.
Class baskets will be organized (possibly not one per class).
Volunteers needed on the day of to man the table.


Prizes needed before March 25th.

Other Activities
  1. Tattoos instead of hairspray?

Green Table
  • Donations of plants, compost etc.