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What is School Council?

The Regal Road School Council is a forum for parents and community members to work with the school to support and enhance student learning and school improvement planning. The Council isn’t separated by grade or class and works together to support all students and staff. You don’t have to officially join Council to attend meetings—all parents and community members are welcome!

School Council has 5-6 general meetings spread over the school year. It is a forum where parents can ask questions and contribute ideas towards improving the learning experience that their children receive. It is also where parents may voice concerns about issues affecting the school community as a whole.

School staff members including the Principal, Vice-Principal, and teachers attend as well to provide information and update Council on current issues.

FAQ for School Council:

  1. What happens at Council meetings?
    • There are 5-6 School Council meetings a year. Each meeting is about 1.5 hours and includes updates from the administration about current school events/issues, a financial report from Council and a time for anyone in attendance to voice new ideas or discuss school issues. Meetings may also be used to plan upcoming events.
  2. What are the roles within the Council? 
    • Any parent or community member is welcome to attend meetings—whether as an official member or not. A form is attached for parents/guardians to nominate themselves to be a member of School Council. General members can take on specific duties if they wish, like leading specific committees or initiatives. Elections are held the first meeting of the year. Those in attendance officially elect the General members and General members then elect the Executive positions (Chair, Treasurer & Secretary) from within the council. Elected Council members are expected to attend the majority of the meetings.
  3. How does School Council work with teachers and administrators? 
    • The principal is a member of School Council and there should also be a teacher member (elected by the teachers themselves). Council works closely with staff and administrators to ensure alignment with school priorities. The administration must approve all School Council fundraising initiatives and goals.
  4. My child just started at Regal Road this year. Can I join School Council right away?
    • Yes! Joining School Council is a great way to learn more about Regal Road and integrate into the school. We recommend that parents spend at least one year as a General Member before applying for an Executive role.
  5. Do I need to be available during school hours? 
    • No. Many Council members have schedules that are not compatible with participating in activities during school hours. There are plenty of tasks that can be done remotely or during the evening.
  6.  Evening meetings are hard for me to attend. Can I still participate?
    • Childcare is provided during the meetings, if that helps! Otherwise, get in touch and we’ll try to find a solution. All minutes for the meetings are posted to our website as soon as possible. Additionally, this year School Council will be hosting monthly coffee & chat mornings so keep a look out for those events.
  7. What is fundraising money used towards? 
    • Each year, the School Council develops a fundraising plan outlining both upcoming initiatives and the anticipated use of School Council funds. In the past, we’ve used funds for: subsidizing field trips, Scientists in the School, visiting artists (performances and special activities) and classroom learning resources.
  8. I have an idea for the school. What should I do?
    • Come to a meeting! If that doesn’t work, or if you prefer, contact us via email, Facebook or in person. We can help you navigate the administration, find resources and/or make a call for volunteers.

2018/2019 School Council Executive

The School Council Executive is made up of the following positions:

Co-ChairStephanie Ayers
Co-ChairNatalie StickleNatalie@regalroadschoolcouncil.org

SecretaryJessica Eylon


General contact (accessed by all executive council members) is by email is RegalRoadSC@gmail.com

Members are elected to fill these positions by the membership in attendance at the first meeting of the school year.

What does School Council do?

In order to enrich the experience of students at RRPS, the School Council undertakes a number of fundraising activities throughout the year. Successful achievement of fundraising goals would not be possible without the contribution of volunteer participation of the parents.

Fundraising initiatives specifically run by School Council include:
  • Spring Fair
  • Pizza Lunches
  • Dance-a-thon
The parent level of involvement in each of the initiatives varies depending on what needs to be organized to make them happen. For example, the Spring Fair requires several months of preparation and numerous volunteers to fill the approximately 100 jobs required to run the event. Others, such as the Dance-a-thon require a much smaller number of volunteers and require less organization.


There are many areas where parents can provide support to the school through committees. School Council is only one of these.

School Council committees are groups of parents that meet a number of times to work on specific tasks. These include:
  • Eco-Schools (Greening)
  • Spring Fair
RRPS committees require parent representatives. These committees include:
  • Health and Safety
  • Staffing
  • Equity
  • Curriculum
  • Arts
The last committee is Ward Council which is at the Trustee level. Parent representatives are required from individual schools to represent them and to report back to School Council.

How is fundraising money spent?

Each school year the Executive meets following their election at the first School Council meeting to set the budget for that year. The budget is presented to the membership at the following meeting.

It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to track expenses and report back to the membership on how funds are being spent on a regular basis.

Funds are allocated to both ongoing targeted expenses and some specified projects spread over a number of years.

Examples of targeted expenses include such items as:
  • field trips
  • Scientists in the School
  • visiting artists
Examples of more long term projects include:
  • yard improvements
  • upgrading of musical instruments
  • purchase of classroom technology (iPads, tablets, computers)

Parent Involvement

School Council succeeds with parent participation. Any contribution you make of your time, large or small, directly supports the school and our children. The participation can be as little or as much as your schedule permits. Attend a meeting, serve on a committee, help on a fundraiser. The choice is yours. The important thing is to become involved in whatever way you can.

For further information, please contact the school office at (416) 393-1390.

Text and cover photo by Andrea Morizio.
Produced with the generous support of the Ontario Ministry of Education through a Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grant.