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School council meeting minutes - Monday, April 8, 2013

1.      Welcome and introductions – Kelly Banks


In attendance:  

  • 7 parents
  • Principal - Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa
  • Vice-Principal - Norbert Costa
  • Co-Chair - Kelly Banks
  • Co-Chair – Brad Cunningham
  • Treasurer – Angela Reid
  • Communications and Secretary – Natasha MacFarlane



  • Fundraising - Linda Antoniadis


2.      Reiki – Stephanie

Starting to teach Reiki in health class. Introduced themselves and some background. Described what is Reiki (moving meditation). Easy breathing exercises that is energizing. Starting with one class and go from there.


3.       Financial report – Angela Reid

Quick status update

  • Fundraising side – doing  very well
  • Dance-a-thon and pizza lunches have been very successful. Tracking well above what was initially in the budget.
  • Field trips – Brad spoke to each teacher individually after the announcement – for awareness. All teachers had already either already booked field trips or were planning on booking. So there is more money spent that what is being reflected currently.
  • Some teachers are using the field trip money for scientists in the school or have pooled the money together to bring workshops into the school


Q – 9 weeks of school, how do we know for sure if there is something booked? A – The only way to know for sure is when the permission form is sent home. Suggest that Brad meets again with the teachers in a couple of weeks to follow up with the teachers. Brad will send out a parent link with details of the progress.


Q – Asked Mr. Mintz remind teachers at the meeting on Tuesday. A – Mr. Mintz agreed.


Music surplus – earmarked for the piano.

Q – There needs to be an end date for this project as this had been brought up last June. A – There is a fully-functional piano since the beginning of the school year. A – Mr Mintz read Mrs AC’s comments on this. Three quotes were delivered today and forwarded them to her via email. Parent suggests to give her a deadline.


Set a timeline until next Wednesday April 17. The dealer is an expert for pianos for schools. Mr. Mintz said they could likely find $500 to kick in from the school budget. Request a decision by April 19 or council will make the decision. Budget – how much above the budget are we willing to go. Suggested to us the QSP fundraising excess to cover the extra expense.


Mr Mintz needs to check if there is an existing contract for the board to purchase instruments or if we are free to purchase from whomever we want. Q – Does it require a purchase order and a lengthy process? A – No it goes quite quickly as long as the company we order it from has it in stock. 

4.      Spring Fair – Brad Cunningham

It’s up and running. Largest fundraiser – last year was $26,000 in revenue, $16,800 in profit. Raffle prizing is set and the prizes are all donated. Brad listed off what they will be. Westjet is the top prize. Ipod touch, bike, gift cards, gift baskets, tools. Last year the raffle net over $11,000. We have a new dunk tank – incentives. Call for volunteers will go out shortly (needed about 100 volunteers). Most teachers have said they are willing to help out in some way. Sign-up link for signing up. Additional bouncy castle, book swap, wrist bands $20 all you can bounce. Midway games by the ticket. No fire truck and no classroom baskets under secret auction. Those will be used at FOL instead.

 5.      Yearbook

Volunteer grade 6 students. 180 pre-orders. Donations from local businesses offset the cost $1500. There are a deficit of images – please encourage teachers and parents to take photos and upload them.

More pictures are needed. 

6.      Graduation

Wednesday is the meeting with the union executive leader. Costa and Mintz are not privy to the meeting details. Will be meeting after Wednesday and will request to move to an evening ceremony. Otherwise plan B is Oakwood during the day. Special lunch at the Mandarin. Suggested Yonge and Eglinton location instead. The Blue Jays game is during EQAO so the kids will not be able to attend.

Q – Grad pictures. The boys get to hold diplomas and the girls hold flowers. There should be an option. A – Mr. Mintz will speak to the photographer to say that every child should get a choice. Q – What are the issues? A – Mr. Mintz explained how the graduation day works.


7.      Extra-curricular and field trips

Good news – commitment forms for girls and boys soccer and track and field. Other extra-curricular – Music Monday (starting auditions) Intramural soccer. Chess club. Arts express. Project Giveback from the Grade 5 and 6 classes Math club


8.      Digital camera

There had been a question about the digital camera that had been purchased by council in the past. Council and the school are looking at purchasing a new one which would be kept in the office and able to sign it out.


9.      Staffing

The board gave the projected enrolment and allocation of teachers. 524 (up about 10 from this year). There is some concern regarding some classes have over 30 children. The librarian has been reduced to .5 (changed the formula). The vice-principal will need to teach a half day.