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School Council meeting minutes - Monday, February 6, 2012

In attendance:  

Staff:             Mr. Mintz, Mr. Costa, Mr. Leverty, Mr. Kaufman

Council:        Kelly Banks, Linda Antoniadis, Natasha MacFarlane, Angela Reid

Parents:        17

Regrets:       Brad Cunningham and Jo Furley



·        Year-to date: 11.200 raised mainly from QSP drive as well as the pizza lunches

·        Pizza lunch revenue on  track for budget of 10,600 – off to a good start on the revenue side

·        Not many expenses – pizza lunch is the largest expense so far

·        Field trips – teachers are starting to use the budget

·        Outdoor classroom – carry over from last year

·        Learning resources – not everything has been purchased yet

·        $150 per each classroom – these funds are starting to get used

·        Smartboard – carry forward from last year’s budget

·        Visiting artist – budget is getting used

·        Q: Can the visiting artist budget be raised A: Not a good time to start reallocating funds, especially with spring fair not yet completed, but will advise

·        “Carry forward” – 10,000 is the goal to pay for Spring Fair Expenses up front, every year, any surplus is put back into the school

·        Request for 2 new TVs when budget allows


QSP items

  • With the money raised through the QSP campaign, the goal items are being purchased:

o   Customized gym mats will arrive in the spring – will be keeping the old mats

o   Orientation kits – Winning classroom will have scavenger hunt in the spring


Recess bags

·        Purchased – spongy soccer balls arrived last week

·        Classrooms will be responsible for them

·        Will speak to the teachers for ideas about what else could be useful

·        Mesh basketball nets planned to be purchased, note - history of nets going missing over weekends

Graduation awards

·        Parent had previously raised an issue that every graduating child should receive an award

·        More girls received awards than boys

·        All students get a graduation certificate

·        Leadership medals are given for leadership activities i.e. lunchroom monitors, office monitors, participation in steel pan, band, strings

·        Music award, boy and girl, physical education boy and girl, French core, French immersion, overall academic achievement award, 3 citizenship awards,

·        Decision – all teachers of grade 6 students will go over the classes to decide on who should be receiving the awards – always an aim to try to balance it – will vary from year to year

·        Use discretion as much as possible

·        Awards will be given according to those who have earned them and deserved them

·        Q:  How many awards are given compared to how many children are graduating? A: Varies from year to year depending on how many children participate in the various leadership activities

·        Q:  Frustrated with all of the kids who get left out of the awards as many of them are for academic – what about the boys who make efforts to the senior teams or show leadership on the playground. A:  Good idea, philosophical point of view – should not target boys specifically – yes, there could be a different variety of awards designed. Q:  Could other awards be created? Perhaps widening the category for leadership, i.e. leadership in school life

·        Q: Do kids appreciate the awards? A:  They strive for the recognition and yes, they do appreciate that. Q: anonymous peer award? A:  popularity contest

·        Balance between the amount of awards and the meaningfulness of them

·        Suggestion for honourable mentions

·        Recommendations – broadening leadership category, honourable mentions, peer awards, most improved student

·        Q: Diplomacy award? A:  covered by the citizenship award categories

·        Not every child graduating will get an award for the sake of receiving an award

Piano repair

·        Restricted to contracting through the TDSB

·        Price is $5,000 - this piano needs more than tuning, but also some reconditioning

·        May be getting another free piano via the TDSB

·        There are outside contractors – TDSB must go to the list of approved vendors


Yearbook update

·        Committee has been working with students over the fall

·        Signed a contract with a company to do the printing

·        Best price, shortest turnaround time, online services

·        100 copies

·        Pre-order

·        1 page per class

·        Class photo

·        Some candid

·        Contest for the cover art

·        Questionnaire for the grade 6s

·        May 18 deadline to submit content for a delivery date of June 18

·        Spring fair and graduation won’t be included

·        Selling price to be determined

·        Cost per book approx. $14

·        Will there be advertising – to be determined



·        Updates include aesthetic redesign, addition of photo section and online pizza lunch volunteer registration

·        Q: can there be a Twitter feed  A: Susan Docker will check with Google



·        Scheduled for Thursday February 23 – same day as the skating party

·        Pep rally is Tuesday Feb 7 – will be coming home with pledge forms


Skating party

·        Posters have been created

·        Cookies and hot chocolate will be provided $150 available to spend for event

·        Should they ask for donations?

·        Should be monitored – suggest a ticket

·        Bring extra pots? One big pot with propane – can be done outside

·        Parent link – ask for volunteers

·        There won’t be hockey available – no hockey sticks

·        Limited skate rental

·        Not a fundraiser

·        Contact information

·        When should this get distributed? – to coordinate with parent link

·        Family skating party – children must be accompanied by an adult


Magic club

·        Background – Lunchtime program

·        Approx 12 children attend weekly

·        School purchased some supplies

·        Plan to sell some tickets to the show at the primary show

·        Raise funds for charitable donation

·        Asking for  $100 to $200 to be donated to the program

·        Plan to make it an annual show – hope to get sponsorship

·        Club supplies – was planned for Green Club – reallocated. Motion passed to reallocate the $200

·        Suggested to run the event during the day for better attendance or during spring fair


Visiting artists

·        Request to do an animation workshop – a woman from the NFB would spend the week – cost is approx. $800, 8 MacBooks were purchased already and students are doing animation already in-house

·        If the interest is there – should that warrant bringing someone in?

·        NFB offers a $5 March break program, and many children attend the NFB animation field trip

·        Request turned down


Spring fair

·        Due to start having meetings in March

·        Requires approx. 80 parents volunteering for one hour at the actual event, and 6 to 10 parents volunteers to manage each area

·        Colleen for liason with high school for teenage volunteers

·        Colleen and Scott– games and volunteers

·        Angela – managing volunteers

·        Bill and Quamie for BBQ

·        Bouncy castle is donated by Pizza Pizza along with a banner

·        Jays on the go – program by the Jay’s for an inflatable pitching cage – applying for that

·        Toronto Firefighters – give a $50 donation for the bouncy castle

·        Silent auction prizes

·        Scheduled for May 24

·        Considering more sponsorship? Try to avoid corporate sponsorships

·        Regal Heights Association may set up a table

·        Candy floss – what would the cost be to rent for an extra day to make ahead of time?


Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3