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School Council meeting minutes - Monday, June 3, 2013

1.      Welcome and introductions – Kelly Banks


In attendance:  

  • 7 parents
  • Principal - Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa
  • Vice-Principal - Norbert Costa
  • Co-Chair - Kelly Banks
  • Co-Chair – Brad Cunningham
  • Treasurer – Angela Reid
  • Communications and Secretary – Natasha MacFarlane



  • Fundraising - Linda Antoniadis                             

2.      Dates for next year – Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa


  • Wed Sept 18 – First Council meeting
  • Sept 27 Terry Fox run
  • Oct 30 Halloween movie night
  • Nov 4 School council
  • Dec 11 Festival of Lights
  • Feb 6 School council
  • Feb 20/21 Dance-a-thon (Thursday)
  • Apr 7 School council
  • May 22 Spring Fair
  • June 4 School council

Q - Add 10-day cycle to school calendar A -  it’s in the agenda


3.       Spring Fair – Brad Cunningham


  • Successful regarding of poor weather.
  • Financials – incomplete as there are more expenses to be submitted
  • Raffle tickets – grossed $12,200 higher than last year
  • Ticket sales – just short of $10,000
  • Silent auction dropped $1,200 – more to generate
  • Total so far $11,400 Total $23,600 last year was $26,500
  • Expenses – no final tally as of yet (last year was $9,000)
  • So far a net profit of $14,800 (last year was $16,800
  • Down on drink sales and ticket sales – a lot of prizes left over – could be because the games were all inside in different areas
  • Wristbands did not arrive
  • By year-end, the final position will be posted online
  • Raffle – room 25 sold over 600 of the overall sales so will be rewarded a pizza lunch


Q – Can it be moved to June? A – EQAO, June is a busy month, hard to wrap-up the numbers, etc.


4.      Space committee – Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa

Monday Dick Holland, Andrea, Susan met with Mr. Mintz. Full-day K in 2014 and Regal Road will need 5 rooms – currently there are 3. Room 6 is being used as a grade 1 room and will be used. A fifth room is needed. Caps are 26-30 kids per room with 2 adults.

Requires a washroom within it. Fr immersion – added pressure as there will be 25 to 40 more students to grade 6 in two years.


1.      Cut the music room in half

·        Affects the music program (steel pans take up 1/3 of the room). It’s also used regularly as a performance space.

·        This option would detract from the design of the building.

·        The Superintendent is against this idea.


2.      Turn a lunch room into a classroom

·        It’s in the basement

·        Lose a lunchroom so the children will need to eat elsewhere

·        Some students would need to sit on the floor to eat

·        Lunch time programs in the gym could be affected


Trustee will visit to look around as well. The Space Committee people may request input from parents. If there is a suggestion that people aren’t comfortable with, there may be action required.


Q – Daycare A – is a leased spaced to the daycare. Can’t be displaced by a full-day kindergarten but could be displaced by French immersion.


Q – Won’t the people who used the daycare not need it any more if there is full-day kindergarten? A – There is a different room on the top floor for that.


The daycare doesn’t need their kindergarten program. (Room 8) 


Q – What’s happening with the windows for the basement? A – They haven’t arrived. They are partially bricked. There is money available from the province to accommodate renovations for full-day kindergarten programs.


Q – Does the TDSB have the ultimate decision? A – They might give options but they can decide.


Q – How much notice? A – Need one-year’s notice


Q – Who needs to be involved? A – The trustees, superintendent, daycare office with the board, City Council, Ministry of community services, liason with daycare and subsidies


Q – What can the parents do? A – After the Trustee comes on the 14th, they know there is a parent Space Committee – can raise concerns at that time.


There will be communication to the parents on the results of the visit.


Q – Where were the steel pans moved to when the music room was a double room? A – Gym stage, but now the gym is used for every period and you can’t run gym and steel pans at the same time.


Q – Daycare after school – the washroom downstairs is shared (Ascot). A – Mr. Mintz will look into it.


5.      Other business

Guest speaker - Jason Hirsh (member of community) - Farm Next Door a.k.a The Neighbourhood Farm– sustainable farming
  • community-based gardening, working with parent’s council greening committee.
  • would like to have a garden at the school
  • their program maintains gardens during the summer
  • give owners a share of the harvest, the rest is available as part of a home delivery system
  • organic products.


Next steps – meeting with the TDSB planners (landscaping department will put in the bushes in the fall). Then a spot to put a ground-level department will be determined.


Q – Why is there a shortage of paper towels? i.e. parenting centre A – There should be enough.