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School Council meeting minutes - Thursday, February 7, 2013

1.      Welcome and introductions – Kelly Banks

In attendance:  

·        7 parents

·        Principal - Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa

·        Vice-Principal - Norbert Costa

·        Co-Chair - Kelly Banks

·        Treasurer – Angela Reid

·        Communications – Natasha MacFarlane



·        Fundraising - Linda Antoniadis

·        Co-Chair - Brad Cunningham


2.      Laptops – Norbert Costa


  • 2 carts, 15 laptops per cart
  • Includes Wi-Fi
  • Classes using on a rotating basis
  • Teachers schedule use
  • Can be plugged in on a rotating charge – holds for 12 hours
  • 15 purchased by council, (QSP campaign) and 15 purchased by the school


Q – tech support? A – part of the purchase agreement – call the service provider, protected by TDSB firewall – very protected, contained environment

Q – what software was included A – a lot of preloaded software included


3.       Financial update – Angela Reid


·        Fundraising was extremely successful

·        QSP - Initial 3,500 target – 3,000 higher than projected

·        Pizza lunches – strong sales, reflects well in the first half – project to exceed goal



·        A lot of the expenses haven’t yet come through

·        Timing dependent - i.e. pizza lunches will raise by income will plateau

·        Targeted items have not yet been submitted i.e. sports equipment, not invoiced for laptops, some painting

·        As we move towards June, more expenses will come through to balance the revenues

Q – visiting artists program (impacted by strike)? A – No - Some have come through, but not likely until towards the end of the school. It’s after school activities which are impacted, not activities during school year, such as field trips

·        Field trips are tracking better than last year 7/8 classes

·        Scientist in the school program – on a regular basis


Q – Painting in the hallway outside of the gym completed? A – Submitted a request for an estimate but this hasn’t been completed yet


4.      Dance-a-thon – Marni

  • Monday pledge forms went home and a bracelet – no parents at the meeting were aware that the bracelets were handed out
  • Plans to send out reminders
  • CD to play on the announcements
  • Financial projection – expenses – 1242 revenue 5500
  • Thursday Feb 21 – that’s the day to count money if anyone wants to volunteer to help count


Q – need volunteers: A – Turn-key – Marni is there for the day. Glow bracelets set up day before. Not much to do at the actual event, just need help to count the money. It’s all day long. Includes kindergarten. Wear white. Requested the same DJ as last year as they were excellent last year.


5.      Staffing – Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa

·        Staffing season is approaching

·        Seniority process – teachers all have a seniority number based on when they were hired

·        Before March break – projected enrolment for the following year. Principal responds to those initial numbers – normally there are some inaccuracies. Projected enrolment determines the number of teachers who are assigned – important to be as accurate as possible. Last 2 or 3 years, no reorganization had been required.

·        Create a staffing model after the projection is settled. Each year is a whole new “slate”. All teachers are reassigned. May/June start to build classes – input forms are sent home. 3 parent volunteers consult on the model and usually send out some communications via the newsletter or parent link. The three volunteers are : Kim Winer-Amar, Viveca Gretton, Jim Yates

French immersion numbers have been increasing.

Q – How are we for classroom space? A – Ok for next year but will be short in 2014 for all-day kindergarten starts. May need to move one special education classroom to somewhere else. There are volunteers for the space committee but they are not yet needed. The current political situation may skew the full-day kindergarten plans.

Q – How many classes? A - 60-65% French immersion. 520 students including kindergarten

Q – Gym and music teachers allocation logic? A – 240 minutes prep-time – students go to music and health. Each year is a new negotiation and new discussion. The gym is already full so if another class is added, there may need to be consideration for some other activity.


6.      Regal Road – 100 years – Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa

·        School opened in November 1914

·        100 year celebration takes a lot of pre-planning

·        Think about forming a committee by next September


Q – time capsule? A – no knowledge of a time capsule. One parent knows two former students and will try find out Suggestion – create a FB page to invite Regal Road alumni. McMurray celebrated last year – can look to them as a model.


7.      Spring Fair – Kelly Banks

·        Brad is the head of the committee

·        Will require volunteers and a committee

·        Meetings will start soon

·        Donations needed for food, drinks, prizes, silent auction


Q – Off-limits after school activities for the teachers? A – Likely wouldn’t volunteer. Rumours they may be re-evaluating this – we don’t know at this time


8.      Skating party – Kelly Banks

·        A notice was sent home regarding the event – it is at February 13 6 to 7:30.

·        Free hot chocolate. Limited skate rentals.

·        Separate rink for shinny and pleasure (shinny need helmet, and stick)


9.      Other business

Yearbook – concern – no subsidy. Suggested to subsidize the yearbooks with surplus funds. Going to try to get businesses for advertising.

Grade 6 graduation Q – will there be a ceremony because of the strike? A – There will be a meeting – not sure- during school day, no problem. Evening ceremony may not happen. Oakwood would be free during the day as exams would be finished by then (just conjecture)

Report cards – will go home on Wednesday. Interviews will be available.

Norbert – identified a need – use a lot more slideshows – get a full screen for the front of the stage. Suggest either an automated or pull-down screen Estimate of $2000 for the screen.

Q - Sound system need replacing? A - Portable sound system works well and current sound system has received repairs Need to wait for Brad for input.

Concern about the salting and sanding – principal will speak to maintenance to ensure this is being handled properly.



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Mar 3, 2013, 7:22 PM