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School Council meeting minutes - Tuesday, November 6,2012

School Council Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2012 (7-8:30pm)



1.      Welcome and introductions – Kelly Banks


In attendance:  

·        12 parents

·        Principal - Douglas Ajooni Mintz Khalsa

·        Vice-Principal - Norbert Costa

·        Co-Chair - Kelly Banks

·        Co-Chair - Brad Cunningham

·        Treasurer – Angela Reid

·        Communications – Natasha MacFarlane



·        Fundraising - Linda Antoniadis


2.      Budget – Angela Reid

2011 ended on a high note due primarily to the success of the Spring Fair.  As a result, we are carrying forward approximately $33K from the previous year.

In setting this year’s budget, we considered the feedback we received from parents, as well as looked at increasing the budget for various routine items such as field trips, visiting artists, visiting athletes, etc.   In addition, we want to ensure that we leave at least 10K to carry forward into 2013/2014 school year.


Highlights for 2012/2013


  • Fundraising revenues forecast at approximately $42K, slightly more conservative than last year, but still aggressive.
  • Fundraising expenses forecast at $16K, slightly lower that 2011/2012 and reflect lower revenues.
  • Routine expenses forecast at $17.3K, up approximately $9K from last year, due primarily to the increase in fieldtrip budget (up $4K as subsidy increased to $15/student from $12.5), and funds for a new piano ($2.5K)
  • Targeted items budgeted at $31K and includes budget for laptops, new smart board, library books, increased budged for visiting artisits (up $1.3K) and increased budget for learning resources  (budget at $200/classroom from $100).
  • Yearbooks – the price was increased based on parent feedback as the committee heavily subsidized the program. This year we are aiming for the sales to offset costs so it will be revenue neutral.
  • Overall, forecast to carry forward $13K into fiscal 2013/2014


3.      Committees – Brad Cunningham

There has been a low number of sign-ups for the various committees. People are needed for Festival of Lights and the Yearbook Committee. For yearbook, one person asked that someone who has marketing skills to set up ad pages. A message will go out in Parent Link. Yearbook is an ongoing event. Festival of Lights is one month away.

Ghislaine Wilton was nominated to lead the eco-committee and she accepted. Another parent asked for details on the Space Committee.  A meeting will be set up in the New Year for those who volunteered.


4.      Festival of Lights – Kelly Banks

Event – Annual potluck celebrating the various cultures and faith traditions.

Volunteers are needed for decorating, set up, clean up, etc. There will be some entertainment but nothing has been finalized. Timing – late afternoon (paper plates, table clothes) - one parent offered to volunteer.

5.      Teacher Proposal – Mr. Leverty c/o Brad

Mr. Leverty proposes to paint the hallway in the basement in school colours. Doors, pillar outside the gym, various double doors and vents. The work would need to be completed via TDSB and is asking for council to fund it. There is already a work order in place to clean soot from the heating vents. Council will ask for some pricing to make a decision. Voted yes in favour of moving the proposal forward.

Q – parent asked for hooks to be installed in the hallway leading to the gym. A – The school will follow up on this idea.

6.      QSP – Catherine Araujo

Prizes have arrived and will be given out November 7. The prizes will be packaged off and will be asked to put them away right away. The revenue is over $20,000. Although the campaign has officially ended, you can still use the school’s code to purchase subscriptions online. Net from the fundraiser is over $6,000.


7.      Technology update – Norbert Costa

Part of the funds raised from the QSP fundraiser is to purchase more laptops and a cart. There will be three carts and 15 laptops per cart. Then there will be one cart per floor. The computers come built-in with a Wi-Fi component. Teachers are excited about the opportunity to use the computers in the classroom. They will be rolled out first to teachers who are keen and already have a clear plan as to how to use them. The computers will stay in the school.


Two new Smart Boards arrived today and now any teachers who have requested a Smart Board will have one in their room.

Q – Has there been a discussion of tablets in the future? A – No this project was specific to the netbook laptops.

The netbooks don’t come with a writeable CD drive, so there is an external drive for saving and transferring files.

Q – Can each child receive a USB key? A – This could be a follow-up step, but to start they want to get the computers in the school and up and running.

Q – Software installed? A – They should come with the basics and then can be upgraded once the computers are on the network.


8.      Construction update – Norbert Costa

The project has become a bigger project as they needed to replace the windows and touch up the bricks. Originally they wanted to remove the scaffolding by October 31 but they need to do quality code testing for the TDSB codes. It is intended to finish the work as soon as possible. To complete the windows in the basement will require extra equipment. They aim to be finished before the end of November.

Q – Are there any health hazards in relation to the point work? A – Health and safety did an inspection last week and there were no reported issues.


9.      Other business

Mr. Leverty has asked for a scoreboard for the gym. Gym is too small to host games as it’s too small.

Q - Do we need a work order to install it? A – No, it’s portable, plug-and-play, battery-operated for $250. Vote yes to purchase.

Q – Extra room needed for Spring Fair storage. A - There are three parties interested in sharing the room.





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