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School Council meeting minutes - Wednesday September 18, 2013

1.      Welcome and introductions – Kelly Banks


In attendance:  

  • 36 parents
  • Principal – Mr. Mintz Khalsa
  • Vice-Principal – Ms. Stamatopoulos
  • Co-Chair - Kelly Banks
  • Co-Chair – Brad Cunningham
  • Communications and Secretary – Natasha MacFarlane



  • Fundraising - Linda Antoniadis
  • Treasurer – Angela Reid


St Alban’s

·        A group from St Alban’s introduced and described their after school program within the school. $15 day, $70 week. Subsidy available.

·        Swimming on Wednesdays at Winona Drive S.S. Food, music, art, outdoor activities, structured program. No contract.


2.  School Council Elections – Kelly

  • Kelly is stepping down from Co-chair
  • Natasha is stepping down from Secretary and Communications Chair
  • Linda is stepping down from Fundraising Chair
  • Angela has offered up position of Treasurer but will continue if there is no one interested

There were no parents who wanted to step up until after the meeting. Eleni MacArthur for Secretary and Alison Smerek for Communications Chair.

3. Committees/Reps/Volunteers – Mr. Mintz Khalsa

Various committees as read out by Mr. Mintz Khalsa

  • Parent Literacy
  • QSP
  • Festival of Lights
  • Yearbook
  • Centennial
  • Safe and Caring Schools / Health and Safety
  • Eco Schools
  • Ward Council Rep
  • Staffing Reps
  • Arts Council
  • Halloween Movie Night
  • Spring Fair

·        Halloween movie night Oct 30 – not a fundraiser, just a social

·        Pizza lunch Sept 27 – hand out pizza 20 minutes

·        Parent Link volunteers - Explained the program (a way to parents to network with each other)

·        Read out room numbers needing volunteers

·        Festival of Lights

·        Dance-a-thon

·        Spring Fair

·        QSP


4. Volunteer literacy program – Ms. Stamatopoulos


Looking for volunteers to help children with their reading. The program was described and a call for volunteers to contact Vice Principal Ms. Stamanapolos


5. Space update – Mr. Mintz Khalsa


  • Full-day kindergarten next school year – so 5 rooms will be required when now we just have 3.
  • Superintendent and Trustee visited in June.
  • Planning department will come with a proposal and that will be brought to school council.
  • Full day – 26 children, 2 adults (one teacher, one ECE) Questions about the posting positions for ECEs (qualified EAs could potentially apply)

Q – Will we still need another classroom for French? A  - maybe

Q – What did the space committee recommend? A – They are there more to be advocates of the integrity of the current Regal Road PS.

6. Financials – Brad

  • Brad reviewed June’s financials
  • Last school year was a very successful fundraising year with almost $90,000 in total revenue
  • All revenue items were reviewed – the estimates are based on the previous year


·        Revenues = $89,062.11

·        Expenditures = 56,890.65

·        Carry-over amount = 32,171.85

·        Pizza lunch expenses have increased but Council will absorb the cost

·        Field trip money – did not all get used due to the teacher action that took place

·        QSP program – last year the target was new laptops and a new target item is needed for this year – Brad suggested more laptops. A cart holds 32.

Q – How many smartboards are there? A – 10. No more is needed right now as they are at teachers’ request

Q – What can be done about sports teams who don’t have a coach? Can we hire an outside resource? A – This would require a volunteer (staff member) to be present. Some teams are not happening – missing basketball and boy’s softball. Anyone can volunteer with a background check.

Q – Any more requests for laptops? A – Potentially to fill out a cart

Q – Are the clickers getting use? A – Not used as much as it takes a lot of set-up and prepping to use them

Q – What else could be useful? A document camera? A – Yes and the cost is approx. $500 to $600.

Q – Do the computers in the library get used? Do they need upgrading? A – Yes it’s a working computer lab and don’t need to be upgraded now

Q – Could we buy tablets? A – We need to check with the TDSB’s IT department and also like to look at consistency of the technology in the school.

Q – Can $300 be allocated for mural painting supplies and a mural be painted in the basement? A – approved.


7. Centennial celebration – Mr. Mintz Khalsa

  • The school will be turning 100 years old in 2014
  • Need a committee to plan the event
  •  Brad suggested to pair it up with Spring Fair events.
  • A parent suggested an undergraduate museum studies/curator studies student take it on as a project - this parent offered to look into this

8. EQAO results – Mr. Mintz Khalsa

·        Provincial assessments for grades 3 and 6 in reading, writing and math

·        The results were reviewed and discussed in details with various theories and strategies to improve results.

·        It’s too early for an action plan as a data analysis needs to be completed, then develop the strategy

9. Other business

·        Camera requested for the Photography club – for students to take photos for the yearbook

·        A new flag has been ordered for out front – suggestion to paint the pole as well

Q - Mats for Haiti – why didn’t they get forwarded? A – Will look into it

Q – The fence on the corner of Dufferin and Regal needs to be repaired A – there is a work order in place to fix it

Q – Why did the snack program fee increase? A – Food costs have increased and the fee has not been increased in several years

Q – Why is there no snack on some days? A – If it’s after a holiday there can be delays in getting supplies. A communication will be sent out via Parent Link to help parents know if there will be no snack on a particular day

Q – What’s the best way to contact Brad/Council? A – Contact Brad by calling, emailing or dropping a note at the office.

Q – Can a meeting agenda be shared in advance so we can be better prepared to contribute? A – Yes an agenda is sent through Parent Link

Q – What is the command central for volunteers? A – Email Vice-Principal for committees

Q – Can we have a Facebook page? A – Yes, there are no rules against School Council having a FB page. It would need to be regularly moderated.