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Summary of Extra-Curricular Activities Available

posted Oct 21, 2019, 6:48 AM by Natalie Stickle
One of our terrific parents put together a great summary of all the programs available this year (some fee based and some free), check it out! Some are lunch time and others are before/after school.
Activities that require payment

1.       Chess on Tuesdays after school

2.       Arts Express programs weekly after school

-        Cartooning, Oct 16 - Dec 4

-        Glee Time, Oct 21 – Dec 9

3.       Language lessons on Mondays after school through the TDSB

-        Mandarin

-        Spanish

-        Portuguese

-        Italian

4.       Makom Hebrew and Jewish program, Mondays & Wednesdays after school

5.       Ascot before and aftercare program, Mon-Fri

6.       St. Alban’s aftercare program, Mon-Fri

Activities that are free

1.       Junior Librarians (grades 4-6)

2.       Primary Eco- Club, Tuesday lunch weekly in the upper east yard

3.       Junior Eco-Club, Wednesdays weekly at 12:05 after being dismissed from lunch

4.       Parent’s Eco-Club, https://sites.google.com/view/regalparentsecoclub

Sports, also free

1.       Term 1 Cross-Country (Grades 2-6, plus Gr 1 kids with parent accompaniment)

2.       Term 1 Girls Borden Ball (Grades 4-6)

3.       Term 1 Girls Soccer (Grades 4-6)

4.       Term 1 Boys Soccer  (Grades 4-6)

5.       Term 2 Track & Field (Grades 2-6)

6.       Term 2 Girls Volleyball (tentative, requires a teacher volunteer)

7.       Term 2 Boys Volleyball (tentative, requires a teacher volunteer)

8.       Term 2 Girls Basketball (tentative, requires teacher volunteer)

9.       Term 2 Boys Basketball (tentative, requires teacher volunteer)

Some activities that happened last year that may happen again this year, depending on teachers’ initiative and on whether Work to Rule happens:

1.       Meatless Monday Club at lunch weekly

2.       A musical

3.       Guitar Club at lunch weekly

4.       Finger-knitting Club at lunch weekly

5.       Art Club at lunch weekly

Final Note: Activities may change as the year progresses.