Newsletter - June 29, 2011

School Organization – 2011-2012

Here is the list of teachers for next year with their room and grade.

Room 1 – JK/SK – J. Chun

Room 2 – JK/SK – M. Beamish

Library – M. Flecker

Room 5 – Music – D. Abbey-Colborne

Room 6 – Grades 1/2 French Immersion – R. Lau

Room 7 – SK French Immersion – G. Gaal Varsanyi

Room 10A – Spec. Ed. Resource/ESL – L. Ferguson

Room 12 – Grades 1/2 – N. Wellman

Room 13 – Grades 1/2 French Immersion – T. Gangnier

Room 14 – Grades 2/3 French Immersion – D. Irimescu

Room 15 – Grades 2/3 French Immersion – K. Hiram

Room 16 – Grades 2/3 – S. Dayle

Room 17 – Grades 1/2 – J. Panos

Room 19 – Spec. Ed. Resource/Music – A. Morgan

Room 20 – Grades 1/2 French Immersion – L. Skerletovic

Room 21 – Grade 4 – P. London Smith

Room 22 – Grades 4/5 – E. DaSilva

Room 24 – Grades 5/6 – A. Tiley

Room 25 – Grades 5/6 – B. Wells

Room 26 – Grade 3 French Immersion – D. Kaufman

Room 27 – Spec. Ed. Resource/HSP – M. Finlay

Room 28 – Grade 4 French Immersion – L. Dupont

Room 29 – Grades 2/3 – A. Linley

Room 30 – Grade 5 French Immersion – TBD

Room 31 – Grade 6 French Immersion – H. Misner

Gym – M. Leverty/A. Rea

Moving on

At this time of year we say good bye to certain teachers.  Best wishes to Mme Smyrnova who has decided to retire and Mme Neicov who is taking a leave.  Mr. Wright is moving to JR Wilcox and Mr. Kozaris is moving to Valleyfield JS.  Both these teachers feel this is a suitable move for their career at this point.  Mme Mahaney is leaving us for a year a she will be having a baby in September.  We also are saying good bye to a few teachers who have replaced teachers who are on maternity leave or sick leave.  These are Ms McAdam, Ms Chau, Mme Trgovcevic and Mme Mujawiyera.  Cherry Griffith is partly leaving us – she will continue to run the breakfast snack program, however she is moving to a full-time position at Heydon Park SS.  We are also saying good-bye to our vice-principal, Mr. Nanfara as he is becoming principal at Cedarvale CS.


Thank you to all students, teachers, parents who participated and performed in Hamlet on June 15th.
The reviews are in – it was a 4 star show!
~ Mrs. A.-C.

Hot Dog BBQ

The Hot Dog BBQ on Wednesday June 15th hosted by Room 30 was a great success! We raised $736.55! Wow!  All the money raised will be used to support the Physical and Health Education Department at Regal Road.  A big thanks to the people at Lifechoices foods who provided us with all the complimentary hot dogs, condiments, BBQ's and wonderful staff to put on the event.  We are truly thankful for your generosity!
Check them out at Thank you to all parents, students, staff and community members who came out and bought a hot dog. Regal Road is a better place because of you!
~ M. Leverty and T. Rea

RREEP Project 

The Regal Road Parenting and Family Literacy Centre has taken on a project called RREEP - Regal Road Educational Exchange to Philippines.  Basically, the goal of this project is to send school materials to poor children who are just starting school.  We would like to extend our project to any parents who would like to participate in any way big or small. Our goal is to have a minimum of 100 backpacks filled with basic school supplies such as pencils, rulers, scissors, notebooks, and coloured pencils etc. - the basics needed to start the school year.  We will send these backpacks along with teachers' school supplies.  Everything will be packed into special shipping boxes and sent mid-September to the Philippines and arrive during the holidays in December as a token of love and thoughtfulness from Canada.  We wish to help many needy children at Calongbuyan Elementary School in Ilocas Sur, Philippines. There will be someone from Canada there to give out these backpacks as well as document the event which we will share with everyone in the New Year. 

So when you are shopping for your child's needs this August, perhaps you could pick up a few extra things for the project.  Items can be dropped off and placed in designated boxes for this project in the Regal Road P.S. foyer or the Family Literacy and Parenting Centre.  There is no obligation of course, but if this tugs at your heart, then go ahead and give yourself a chance to help change some child's life and make their education a bit easier. You never lose by giving!  It always comes back somehow.

Give a little, and RREEP (reap) a lot of happiness, especially in sowing joy in another's life. For more information you can contact me at or Catherine Araujo at   (416) 993-4673.
~ Thanks so much, Joyce Esguerra

Join us for TDSB@CNE!

You and your family are invited to TDSB@CNE. On Tuesday, August 30.  The TDSB is partnering with the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) to host an awesome kick off to the 2011-12 school year and provide a day to remember for our students, families and staff. 

All TDSB elementary and secondary students will receive free admission to the CNE for TDSB Day and there will be a discounted cost for families and staff. 

Elementary students will receive a free ticket in their year-end report card and secondary students will simply need to show their student ID at the gate for entry.

This all-day event will include music, entertainment, contests, giveaways and more! There will be three concert events in the YOUR JAM Bandshell - planned just for the TDSB! We've started to gather a remarkable line-up of entertainers, including Max and Ruby and Franklin and Caillou - perfect for our elementary guests. We're also working on some great entertainment for our middle and secondary students - look for the announcement of more entertainers in the weeks to come!

In addition to the stage events, TDSB guests can test their strength against the CNE strongman, enjoy discounted rides, stroll through the TDSB Student Art Show or the TDSB Student Film Festival and wander through the CNE's Animal Farm.

Leading up to the event, there will be many ways for our students to get involved, whether it's through submitting work to feature, participating in contests to win prizes or to audition or volunteer to be a special part of the day. Please help us build the excitement. 

Please visit our website at and use PIN # 2011TDSB435561 when asked, to buy discounted tickets online, in advance.

Registration for TDSB Summer Camps 

As the end of this school year is fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about keeping the kids busy this summer. Parents and guardians are welcome to sign their children up to a summer camp which suits their interests and goals.

Here are some TDSB Summer Camps:

  • Summer Sounds is a music camp for students grades 5 to 9 interested in sharpening their singing and instrument skills, learning music theory and exploring jazz improvisation. Hosted at York Mills CI, students choose from one of three areas - band, string or keyboard.
  • DownTown Summer Strings camp is for students in grades 3 to 8 who have some experience playing violin, viola, cello or double bass and is hosted at Lord Lansdowne PS. Instructors will provide master classes, coach small ensembles, and conduct a string orchestra.
  • Toronto Summer Music Camps offers grade 5 to 8 instrumental music students the opportunity to attend an orchestra residential music camp held at Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre. The camps combine an exciting music program with valuable social and recreational activities.
  • Don Mills' CyberARTS Summer Camp offers week-long programs for campers ages 7 to16 during the months of June to August. This camp teaches the tools and technology while maintaining an equal focus to nurture creativity and originality.
  • International Camps - Our ESL program provides international students aged 12 to 17 with English language instruction and immersion into Canadian life and culture including exploration of the amazing City of Toronto. Other camps include travelling to China and learning English in a non-credit English program which is designed to help students improve in the following key areas: speaking, pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing and vocabulary. 

For more information on signing up for a summer camp, go to

Bicycle Safety

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, children will be participating in many outdoor activities like bike riding. The Toronto District School Board and Toronto Public Health want kids to be safe while playing outdoors this summer. Parents and caregivers can "stay a step ahead" by protecting children when they ride.

Here's how:

  1. An adult should always supervise children 10 years of age or younger when they are using a bicycle or other wheeled sports equipment. Even older children may need on-going supervision when riding near the road. 
  2. Make sure children wear the correct helmet properly when they ride. Ontario's bike helmet law requires all children and youth under age 18 to wear an approved bike helmet when riding a bicycle. 
  3. Keep children away from traffic when they use wheeled sports equipment. Make sure they ride in a safe place. 
  4. Teach children how to: 
    1. steer, brake and ride in a straight line 
    2. wear the right safety gear, and 
    3. do a safety check every time they ride a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, use in-line skates or wear shoes with wheels. 
  5. Be within arm's reach when your children are learning to ride any wheeled equipment. 
  6. Always walk a bicycle, scooter or skateboard across a street intersection, instead of riding across. 
  7. Tell children that you are happy when you see them riding safely. 
  8. Remind children of the safety rules when they forget. 
  9. Be a good role model - wear a helmet and safety gear yourself. Children copy what adults do.

Pedestrian Safety - Safety Tips for Parents 

Children under nine should be accompanied by adults or older children when crossing the street. At this age, their judgment and perceptual skills are still immature, yet they often eagerly try to cross streets on their own in order to demonstrate some independence. Teach your children the rules of the road - start when they're young. Think of it as gradually training your children about safety until all the connections are in place. By the time your child reaches age nine and can act independently, the road safety rules will be second nature.

  • Teach children how to cross the street safely. Teach them to stop (before stepping onto the road), look left, right and left again, and listen for traffic before stepping out into the street. Teach children to wait until the street is clear and to keep looking until they have crossed the street. They should also look the driver in the eye before crossing
  • Teach children to recognize pedestrian crossing signals but not rely on them. Before crossing, children should also be sure the traffic has stopped. Remind them to continue across if the light changes to "Don't Walk" while they are in the crosswalk.
  • Teach children to be extra alert when crossing at a corner with no traffic lights.
  • Teach your children to stop at driveways, alleys and areas without curbs and to never run out onto the street.
  • Teach children about the dangers of crossing the street between parked cars or when not at a corner. Children should cross only at corners and pedestrian crosswalks, not diagonally or between parked cars.
  • Teach children to respect the role of the crossing guard and to understand his/her signals.
  • Teach children that wherever possible they should walk on the sidewalk. In areas without sidewalks, teach children to walk as far away from the road as possible, facing approaching traffic (when there is no choice but to walk on the road).
  • Teach children that playing games at railway crossings or around trains can be deadly. Teach children that the only way to cross railway tracks is to use designated railway crossings.
Follow the same rules that you want your child to follow. You may want to cut across the street in the middle of the block, but you want your child to learn to cross at the intersection. Be a good role model.

Reprinted with the permission of Safe Kids Canada. Visit for more safety tips on keeping children safe.

Fundraising 2010-2011

Even with the inclement weather and having it mostly indoors, the Spring Fair was the most successful one yet!!  

A big thank you to Kevin Hewitt  for making it happen, with  the  help of Dany Le Goaix  and Janet Eastwood , along with the Spring Fair committee, 80 parent volunteers, Mr. Mintz and staff.

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the fair, bought and sold raffle tickets, donated items, and especially those who volunteered.

A special thanks to Mr. Leverty who challenged us to sell 3,500 tickets or more in order for him to shave his head.  We did it and then some!  We sold 4558 raffle tickets – the MOST EVER.  Way to go!!
  • The highest seller was:  Aidan from Room 13 who sold 150 tickets
  • The second highest seller was:  Matthew from Room 17 who sold 120 tickets
  • The top selling class was:  Room 26 - Mr. Kaufman’s class with 448 tickets sold 
Although the Spring Fair is our largest fundraiser of the year, which brought in $14,500 this year, we also had other successful fundraisers:
  • The QSP Magazine drive raised $5,071.32
  • The Dance-a-thon raised $4,589.89
  • Pizza lunches raised approx. $5,700 
  • Halloween Movie night raised $268.44, and it isn’t even a fundraiser!
Thank you to all the parent volunteers who help to make all these fundraisers successful.  All the events mentioned above are organized and put on by the School Council with the help of parent volunteers.  Without parent volunteers, these fundraisers, especially the Spring Fair, would not take place.

With the $30,000 raised this school year, we were able to fund or purchase the following to help enrich the learning experience of our children:
  • Repainting of games in playground 
  • Library books
  • SMART boards
  • SMART board Response Tools
  • Parent Support Group
  • Sports equipment
  • Buses for cross country/track and field
  • Field Trips
  • The Outdoor Mural
  • Learning resources for each classroom
  • Visiting Artists
  • Musical Instruments
The School Council Thanks you for all of your support.

Save Your Magazine Orders for our QSP Fundraiser!

Please save your magazine subscription renewals for our fall 2011 QSP campaign.

It is only when you renew directly through our program that our school receives any profit from your order, not when you renew with the magazine. 

If you are anxious to renew before the official campaign begins, you can support us today by shopping on-line!  It’s easy . . . and use group #9208.

Customer service is always available by calling QSP directly at 1-800-667-2536