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Newsletter - June 27, 2013

Staffing for September

Here is the list of teaching assignments for September.


Room 1 – JK/SK (AM & PM) – M. Beamish

Room 2 – JK/SK (AM & PM) – J. Rahbek

Library – M. Flecker

Room 5 – Music – D. Abbey-Colborne

Room 6 – Grade One French Immersion – R. Lau

Room 7 – SK French Immersion (AM & PM) – E. Riddle

Room 10A – ESL/Special Education Resource – L. Ferguson

Room 12 – Grades One/Two French Immersion – E. Reinelt

Room 13 – Grades Two/Three French Immersion – T. Gangnier

Room 14 – Grade Three French Immersion – D. Irimescu

Room 15 – Grades Two/Three French Immersion – L. Angeli

Room 16 – Grades One/Two – A. Linley

Room 17 – Grades One/Two – J. Panos

Room 19 – Music/Special Education Resource – K. Hiram

Room 20 – Grades One/Two French Immersion – L. Skerletovic

Room 21 – Grades Two/Three – P. London Smith

Room 22 – Grades Three/Four – E. Da Silva

Room 23 – Grades Four/Five – S. Dayle

Room 24 – Grades Five/Six – A. Tiley

Room 25 – Grades Five/Six – B. Wells

Room 26 – Grades Five/Six French Immersion – D. Kaufman

Room 27 – Grades Four/Five/Six HSP/Special Education Resource – M.E. Finlay

Room 28 – Grades Four/Five French Immersion – TBD

Room 30 – Grades Four/Five French Immersion – J. Roos

Room 31 – Grades Five/Six French Immersion – H. Misner

Gym – Health and Physical Education – A. Rea, J. McLeod, M. Flecker, N. Costa


Best wishes to May Chu in the office who is retiring, to Ms Petrowski, Mr. Leverty, Mme Dupont and Ms Adams who are moving on to other schools, and to Mr. Wellman and Mme Neicov who are going on leaves.  Welcome back to Ms Rahbek, Ms Angeli and Ms Linley who are all returning from leaves. 


Perseverance Salle 26

This month’s character theme is Perseverance. Our class tried to put this theme into our

own words, including “keep trying even when things get tough”, but our most succinct and

meaningful statement was “Never Give Up”. Our discussion led us to recall a video that we

had watched earlier in the year about an injured war veteran who was told that he would

never walk unassisted again. He began to gain weight and lose hope, but he chose to

persevere, despite all the obstacles before him. It is mind boggling what he was able to

accomplish. We chose to share this video at our school’s final assembly of the 20122013

academic year, along with a dramatic reading that we had prepared. We strongly

encourage you to watch this inspiring story by visiting the following link:



QSP Magazine Drive

Please remember to save your magazine renewals for our fundraising campaign this fall.  Information will be coming home in early October.


Ontario Fun Pass

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is once again offering the Fun Pass to our students.  It is available electronically in a printable version at www.ontariofunpass.com.  The Fun Pass provides one free child admission to 20 of the province’s best attractions.  There is a limit of one coupon per paying adult or senior

and some restrictions may be noted on the coupon.


Bicycle Safety

Now that the warmer weather has approached us children will be participating in many outdoor activities like bike riding. The Toronto District School Board and Toronto Public Health want kids to be safe while playing outdoors this summer. Parents and caregivers can "stay a step ahead" by protecting children when they ride.


Here's how:

1. An adult should always supervise children 10 years of age or younger when they are using a bicycle or other wheeled sports equipment. Even older children may need on-going supervision when riding near the road.

2. Make sure children wear the correct helmet properly when they ride. Ontario's bike helmet law requires all children and youth under age 18 to wear an approved bike helmet when riding a bicycle.

3. Keep children away from traffic when they use wheeled sports equipment. Make sure they ride in a safe place.

4. Teach children how to:

a. steer, brake and ride in a straight line

b. wear the right safety gear, and

c. do a safety check every time they ride a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, use in-line skates or wear shoes with wheels.

5. Be within arm's reach when your children are learning to ride any wheeled equipment.

6. Always walk a bicycle, scooter or skateboard across a street intersection, instead of riding across.

7. Tell children that you are happy when you see them riding safely.

8. Remind children of the safety rules when they forget.

9. Be a good role model - wear a helmet and safety gear yourself. Children copy what adults do.

Join our summer session of English as a Second Language

The TDSB offers a variety of free English classes to adults who are residents of Canada or are applying for residency.

Build your literacy and English language skills. Learn about your community and the services available. Prepare for further education, citizenship and language proficiency tests. Improve your conversation skills.

Discover our bilingual programs, where English is taught with the help of other languages.

Visit www.ESLtoronto.ca

Get ahead with Elementary Summer School

This year we are running Elementary Summer School in locations across the city. This program is available to students from Kindergarten-Grade 8. Our specialized summer courses build literacy and numeracy skills through a creative and active curriculum. Tailored to support elementary students to build self-confidence and increase their engagement, summer school combines strategic academic instruction with enriching activities.

Summer school begins on Tuesday July 2 or Wednesday July 3 and runs until Friday July 26.

For program and registration information contact individual schools. A full list of sites with contact information is available on our website. Visit www.tdsb.on.ca/coned and select Elementary Literacy and Numeracy Programs.

For Special Education Summer School please contact: Sandy Spyropoulos, 416-395-3903

For Model Schools Summer School please contact: Vicky Branco, 416-395-6742



Spring Fair

This year’s Spring Fair was successful even with the winter like weather.   A huge thank you to Brad Cunningham for making it happen this year, with assistance from the Spring Fair committee, parent volunteers, Mr. Mintz Khalsa and staff. 


Thank you to: Kelly Banks and Brad Cunningham with the help of Joanne Davies, Johanna Sarick , Sue Antunes and  Glenna Williamson for counting the raffle tickets; Brad Cunningham, Dany LeGoix, Kelly Banks, Ghislaine Wilton, Ian Chalmers, Joanne Davies, Bill and Lidka Washington, Donna Picheca, Stacey Johnson , Sue Antunes and Stella Hu for getting all the donations for the Raffle Ticket prizes and silent auction.


Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the fair, bought and sold raffle tickets, donated items, and especially those who volunteered.  A special thanks to our Vice Principal, Mr. Costa who challenged us to sell 5,000 or more raffle tickets order for him to go into the dunk tank - I'm sure he wasn't expecting frigid weather!  It came right down to the last day of sales, but we did it!


          The highest seller was:  Pina from Room 25 who sold 191 tickets

          The second highest seller was:   from Room 25 who sold 180 tickets


          The top selling class was:  Room 25 - Mrs. Wells class with 601 tickets sold



Although the Spring Fair is our largest fundraiser of the year, which brought in $14,000 this year, we also had other successful fundraisers:

          The QSP Magazine drive raised $6,500

          The Dance-a-thon raised $5,300

          Pizza lunches raised $7,500


Thank you very much to all the parent volunteers who help to make all these fundraisers successful.  All the events mentioned above are organized and put on by the School Council with the help of parent volunteers.  Without parent volunteers, these fundraisers, especially the Spring Fair, would not take place.



With the money raised from the QSP campaign, we were able to purchase 15 laptops for the school.  We also purchased a new piano for the music room, as well as contributing to Scientists in the School, Visiting Artists, Field Trips, items for each class, etc. to help improve the educational experience at RRPS.



Thank you to the Yearbook Committee (Rosemary Sutherland,  Catherine De Beer , Catherine Araujo, Mary Romeos, Mark Ridout and Simon) and the Student Committee for putting together a great yearbook this year.


2012 Raffle Ticket Winners are:

Grand Prize - Westjet Tickets:  Melanie D.

2nd Prize -Maria A.

3rd  Prize -  Pina A.

4th Prize  - Lawrence N.

5th Prize - Armando D.

6th Prize - Yvonne S.

7th Prize - Jauslin A.

8th Prize - Eliane J.

9th Prize - Mike M.

10th Prize - Liau L.


Please visit our website at www.regalroadschoolcouncil.org


We would like to give a big “thank you” to all the following who generously donated items to make our Spring Fair such a success:

Acklands-Grainger - Shaun Lewis 
All the Best Fine Foods -Andrew & Ghislaine Wilton
Bill & Lidka Washington
The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
Brad and Kim Cunningha
The CBC - Dwight & Janice Drummond
Cocoa Latte
Col Cartwright/Philippa Burrows
ConAgra Foods - Annabelle Nogueira
The Dancewear Centre
Edge Imaging
Empower Me Fitness - Adrienne Davis >
G.H. Johnson's Trading Company
Good Food Box - Jenni King
Hercules Automotive & Tire Service
J.D. Hazen
Jacob & Jennifer Smid
Jill Maslanka - QSP
Lindsay & Kelly Banks
Life Choices Foods
Maple Paints
Master Mechanic Dupont - Frank Compierchio
Mastermind Toys
Mongrel Media - Dany Le Goaix
Nabi Spa
Naka Ima Aikikai
National Ballet of Canada
Nelson Publishing - Donna Picheca
Ontario Craft Brewery - Jenny Mulkins
Owl Kids
Pizza e Pizzi
Pizza Pizza
QSP - Jill Maslanka
Regal Heights Residents' Association 
Robert Ashley Hair Design
Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church - Mary Romeos
Simon & Schuster
Stella Hu
Sweet Pete's Bike Shop - Ian Chalmers & Joanne Davies
Sylvan Learning Centre
Toronto FC
Tarragon Theatre
Theatre Direct
Toronto Zoo
West Village Dental Clinic
XO Retail Advisors  Inc. - Jeri Brodie
West Jet - Sue Antunes


The School Council Thanks You for all of your Support.