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Newsletter - March 28, 2013

Important Dates

Friday, March 29 – Good Friday (No School) (Christianity)

Monday, April 1 – Easter Monday (No School) (Christianity)

Sunday, April 7 – Yom HaShoah (Judaism)

Monday April 8 – School Council Meeting

Sunday April 14 – Baisakhi (Sikhism, Hinduism)

Tuesday, April 16 – Graduation Photos for SK and Gr. 6

Thursday April 25 – MahavirJayanti (Jain)

Friday April 26 – Pizza Lunch



The character theme for the month of March is honesty. In the past few weeks students in both rooms 16 and 22 have been having discussions on what honesty means and also learning to sing a rap song entitled Honesty. They performed this song separately at the success assemblies. The song is available to listen to online at www.havefunteaching.com  truth song. 

Ms Dayle and Miss Dasilva


African Heritage Month

During African Heritage Month in February, Room 23 learned about how many people fought for equality for everyone, regardless of their race. We rehearsed two readers’ theatre plays that demonstrated the courage and integrity of young people who stood up for fairness during the Civil Rights Movement. The plays were presented plays at the Fairness assembly in February.

~ Mr. Wellman


Yearbook 2013

Order forms for this year’s yearbook have been sent home with students. Extra copies are available in the office if you need one  Please place your order by April 5th.



A couple of years ago, we altered the timetable to start the day 15 minutes later to reduce the number of late arrivals each day. Entry is now at 8:55 a.m. and instruction begins at 9:00 a.m.  Late arrivals are disruptive to the class and students who are habitually late will miss instruction which cannot always be made up. Please help your child to be on time for school. 


Outdoor Recess

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. Our yard is often wet and muddy so please send a change of clothes, including socks, to keep in the classroom.


Entry routines

Please remember when arriving at school in the morning, students walk around the outside of the school to get to the appropriate entry door. They should not be coming through the school to get to their door.  Also when parents are picking up at the end of the day, please go around the outside of the building to get to the appropriate door to meet your child.

Camp Kearney is a residential summer camp set at the scenic Scarborough Outdoor Education School, north of Huntsville and is owned and operated by TDSB.  Engaging programs accommodate campers in grades 3 through 12. All of the programs incorporate a balance of environmental ethics, wilderness experience and fun!! Camp Kearney is not only a great place to be for the summer but it can also be a life changing experience.

Some of the great in-camp activities include, canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, high/low ropes, swimming, archery, hiking and camping!  The canoe and backpacking programs teach the campers how to pack, plan and be trippers for life. The Camp Kearney programs run for 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 25 days with camp starting on July 6, 2013. Make 2013 the summer to Discover the Outdoors! For registration and program dates please visit our website: http://toes.tdsb.on.ca/soes (Click Summer Camp) 

Visitors to the School

Our first priority for all students is their safety. Board and Provincial guidelines clearly outline the process that all visitors must follow upon their arrival on school property, which begins with reporting to the Main Office to sign in and again to sign out when you leave. You will be issued a Visitor Badge, which must be worn visibly during your stay. At dismissal time, please meet your child(ren) at the designated outside door.

Lunch Policy

Please be reminded that the lunch hour is from 11:45 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.   When children stay for lunch, they will eat with their classmates and remain on school property.  If ever there is a need to leave the school at lunchtime, a written request from the parent is required for each occurrence.  If you are bringing a lunch for your child to pick up from the office, please ensure that it is labelled with your child’s name, room number and teacher.  Please instruct your child to come to the office at 11:45 a.m. for pickup.  In order to avoid classroom disruptions, students will not be called from class before 11:45 a.m.  Your cooperation is appreciated!



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