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Newsletter - December 21, 2012

Important Dates

Tuesday January 1 – Gantan-sai (Shinto)

Tuesday January 1 – New Year’s Day (International)

Saturday January 5 – Twelfth Night (Christianity)

Sunday January 6 – Epiphany/Dia de los Reyes/Feast of the Theophany (Christianity)

Monday January 7 – First Day of School for 2013

Monday January 7 – Feast of the Nativity (Christianity)

Tuesday January 15 – World Religion Day (Baha’i)

Thursday January 17 – Early French Immersion Information Night

Friday January 25 – PA Day – no school

Sunday January 27 to Wednesday January 30 – Mayayana New Year (Buddhist)

Friday February 1 – Pizza Lunch/Success Assembly

Friday February 15 – PA Day – no school

Monday February 18 – Family Day – public holiday, no school

Early French Immersion Information Night

Please note the change of date - the presentation will start at 7:00 PM on Thursday, 17 January, in the gym.


Application Process for Early French Immersion Program

The opportunity to apply for our Early French Immersion program which starts in Senior Kindergarten runs from January 7, 2013 through January 31, 2013. It is not a first-come, first-served process. This year it will be an on-line process and the necessary information has been sent home with every junior kindergarten child in the TDSB.

You will be notified of your child’s placement by the email provided on your application, as well as the deadline date for your acceptance of the placement.

Applications received after January 31 are considered “late”.  Late applications will be accepted and placed on a wait list. Placements of late applications will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis as spaces become available.


Festival of Lights

We had a great turnout once again this year with a lot of food. Thanks to everyone who came, brought food and their own plates.

Like all School Council events, Festival of Lights would not have been possible without the help of parent volunteers. Thank you to Natasha MacFarlane for making up the posters; Ghislaine Wilton for decorating and getting the juice and water; Brad Cunningham and Mark Ridout for setting up the tables and benches and Mark Ridout and Mike McPherson for putting them away. A extra thank you to Colleen Burke for taking the lead that night and Fee Lin Bunnet for helping clean up along with Rosalina and Jay - it was really appreciated and helped to make the night a success. Thank you to Mr. Clarke and the Steel Pans group for providing the music for the event. Thank you to the teachers and students of RRPS for making and displaying their decorations, and Cocoa Latte for providing the coffee.


Sick Kids Gift and Toy Donation Drive

Regal Road Public School really helped in making the holidays better for the children who are in hospital this year.  We dropped off a lot of great toys and gifts to Sick Kids on December 17. Thank you to everyone for your support with your generous donations, and to Sue Antunes who helped deliver the donations.

Happy Holiday from School Council! 

Message from a Parent

What a nice memory it was to see the request for toys and gifts from Regal Rd to the children at Sick Kids.

We are doing quite well, this year, both as a Regal Road family, and in our child's ongoing medical treatment. But two years ago...

It was a different story, and we were reeling from the urgent news of a life-threatening diagnosis. It's not really that we were suffering from a lack of toys either.  People were very kind, generous and attentive.

But one moment stands out, as extra precious.  We had a social work intern, coincidentally named Jordan Cares. And he was so very good to us, attentive in every way, and with a student caseload that allowed him to manage carefully.

I cannot remember all of what happened that Christmas, but I will never forget Jordan's deep kindness and compassion, and how attentive he was to both our kids, the big sister at home and the boy in the hospital and under treatment. He sorted through the piles of presents -- just like the ones that Regal Road families are preparing -- and packed an absolutely splendid big red bag, full of gifts, beautifully tailored to the actual kids. It was a moment of real fun when we sat and sorted through all that generosity, and I will never forget it.

In 2010 we were almost unable to give thanks properly to anyone for the many ways they helped us and showed us little kindnesses, and gave us warm embraces. But this year? I can imagine the largeness, almost, of each Regal Road heart, and I can almost even see the faces, and how many people there are, to reach out to everyone with my gratitude.

It meant a lot to us two years ago, and I'm sure, absolutely certain about it, that the many, many children and families at Sick Kids this year, will appreciate the kindness we show them.

Thanks and God bless you, every one!

Alan G

David's dad

A New Year’s Celebration of stories

Join Jenni King, our much-loved Regal Road Story Teller, at the Dufferin/St Clair library for this free story- telling event on Saturday January 5th, 11am - 12pm. All ages are welcome.

The Good Food Box

Have you noticed the green boxes lined up outside the office, brimming with fresh produce every Thursday? You too could join the 'green brigade' as Regal Road aims to eat healthy AND simplify our lives at the same time! The Good Food Box, a project run by Foodshare, delivers organic and non-organic produce at wholesale prices to neighbour locations for groups of people who want to eat well and watch their purse strings. Some of us are in the know - and whilst picking up our children from school, we pick up our veggies too! You too could benefit from this initiative! Contact Jenni King at royal stories@gmail.com or 416 540 0640 for more info.

Dressing for Outdoors

Outdoor play is a necessary part of each day. Please ensure that your children are dressed for the weather. As well, we recommend that you provide your children with a bag containing a change of clothes to leave at school for those times when they get wet or muddy.


Cancellation of Buses during Severe Weather

Severe weather conditions may require the TDSB to cancel transportation or, in extreme conditions, close schools. The decision to close schools is made by the director of education. In the event transportation is cancelled or schools are closed, the local media will be informed before the beginning of the school day. Tune in to your radio and television news stations for the latest information or visit www.tdsb.on.ca.

If weather conditions become extreme after students are in school, a decision to close schools will be made by 11:00am and broadcast by noon. In this case, elementary students will remain in the school until they are picked up by a parent or parent designate. If there is no announcement about school closing by noon, schools will remain open for the day.


Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Flu season is here again. In Canada, flu season tends to run between October and April. The Ontario government is encouraging Ontarians to avoid getting sick this flu season by getting their annual flu shot.

Toronto Public Health is recommending that whenever students and staff experience flu-like symptoms, they are sent home and do not return to school until they are no longer infectious to others. Therefore, ill students and staff must be symptom-free (especially from vomiting and diarrhea) for at least 48 hours before returning to school.

The primary concern is for the health and safety of all students and staff. Please note that no special measures are required when there is a case of influenza in a school or daycare. However, everyone should do their part to stop the spread of the flu. As parents, you can also assist by:


• reminding children to wash their hands often especially after using the washroom and before and after eating;

• reminding children to cover their sneeze and cough;

• watching for symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and/or high fever;

• informing the school if your child is ill;

• keeping your child at home when he/she is ill.


For more information, please visit the Toronto Public Health website www.toronto.ca/health, contact your family doctor, or Telehealth Ontario. 1-866-797-0000.

Visitors to the School

Our first priority for all students is their safety. Board and Provincial guidelines clearly outline the process that all visitors must follow upon their arrival on school property, which begins with reporting to the Main Office to sign in and again to sign out when you leave. You will be issued a Visitor Badge, which must be worn visibly during your stay. At dismissal time, please meet your child(ren) at the designated outside door.

Lunch Policy

Please be reminded that the lunch hour is from 11:45 a.m. – 12:40 p.m. When children stay for lunch, they will eat with their classmates and remain on school property. If ever there is a need to   leave the school at lunchtime, a written request from the parent is required for each occurrence. If you are bringing a lunch for your child to pick up from the office, please ensure that it is labelled with your child’s name, room number and teacher. Please instruct your child to come to the office at 11:45 a.m. for pickup. In order to avoid classroom disruptions, students will not be called from class before 11:45 a.m. Your cooperation is appreciated!


Best wishes to all our Regal Road families for a happy holiday and a peaceful and healthy New Year!




Natasha MacFarlane,
Dec 23, 2012, 8:48 AM