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Newsletter - October 26, 2012

Important Dates

Tuesday October 30 – Halloween Movie Night

Tuesday November 6 – School Council Meeting

Wednesday November 14 – Student Progress Reports go home

Thursday November 15 – Photo retakes

Thursday November 15 (evening) Parent-Teacher Interviews

Friday November 16 (a.m.) – Parent-Teacher Interviews

Friday November 16 – PA Day – no school

Monday November 26 – Tuesday December 4 – Dental Screening

Friday November 30 (PM) – Success Assembly

Friday November 30 – Pizza Lunch


Terry Fox Run

This year the school raised $344.70 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Thanks to all of you who supported it and Rosemary Sutherland for providing water for the students.


Dental Screening

Dental screening of our students by Toronto Public Health staff will be taking place from November 26 to December 4.  A letter will be going home to all parents in November.



We have had a very successful magazine campaign with QSP this year.  With everyone’s hard work

we sold over $20,000.00 in magazine subscriptions and that means more than $6000.00 for Regal

Road. These amazing numbers make the time spent all the more worthwhile. Everyone did their

part. The whole school really pulled together for this campaign. Hopefully the children will also be

thrilled with their vote, and with their selling success.


Special thanks to Catherine Araujo, Mary Romeos and Emily Aneziris.


Remembrance Day

Regal Road students will be commemorating Remembrance Day on November 9 in the gym. 

Poppies will be provided to all students on that day.  A small donation to the Royal Canadian

Legion would be appreciated.

Dressing for Outdoors

Outdoor play is a necessary part of each day.  Please ensure that your children are dressed for the

weather.  As well, we recommend that you provide your children with a bag containing a change

of clothes to leave a school for those times when they get wet of muddy.


Wanted - dedicated parents to help with the Eco/Green Club year.  Please contact Mrs. Abbey-



Working Together to Ensure Student Success

In order to ensure the best possible education for your children, it is necessary for them to attend school regularly. A student’s academic progress depends on regular class attendance. Research also indicates that attendance patterns and attitudes are developed at an early age. Students are expected to fully participate in learning opportunities and complete all homework assignments and tests when they are absent.

We would like to encourage families to plan extended vacations when school is not in session. Extended absences can result in gaps in student learning. Students in Grades 3 and 6 may have particular difficulty during the provincial assessments (EQAO) when they have been absent during the school year and have missed a large portion of the curriculum taught. Regular student attendance and punctuality is important in order for students to be successful at school.

You can help ensure your child’s success by:

• being involved in your child’s education;

• knowing the school’s schedule;

• communicating regularly with classroom teachers (use your child’s planner to send notes to the teacher);

• calling the school if your child is going to be absent;

• writing a note if your child is late due to an appointment;

• ensuring that your child gets a good night’s sleep in order to have the energy needed for the next day.


Let’s work together to ensure student success!


Keeping Kids Safe

Drivers are reminded to do their part to keep children safe near school buses.

Drivers should follow these tips:

• Stop and never pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing.

• Leave space around school buses and avoid blocking school bus loading zones so children can enter and exit safely.

• Be prepared to stop for a school bus at any time, not just during school hours.

• Always obey the rules of the road and watch for children, especially in school zones.

• Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and school crossings.

Parents can also help keep their children safe by reminding them to be aware of their surroundings when they are on or near school buses.


Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween provides an opportunity for parents and children to spend time together creating costumes, carving pumpkins, planning trick or treat activities and participating in family parties. Halloween is a big event at schools and provides opportunities for parties, creative activities, art programs and impromptu history lessons. Halloween is also a time for students, parents, and schools to take extra care to ensure safety and security.



If parents are concerned about trick or treating, here are some basic safety rules to follow:

• Children should NEVER eat any treats until parents have had a chance to go through them and inspect them. Parents should look for tampering of packages and discard any they believe to be unsafe or unknown.

• Have your child carry a flashlight.

• NEVER go into a stranger's house.

• NEVER trick or treat with people you do not know.

• Trick or treat only at homes you know.

• Children should always stay in groups if no parent is present.

• Younger children should ALWAYS be accompanied by an older person.

• Accompany your child when trick or treating.

• If you cannot accompany your child then know the route your child will take.

• Flame resistant (retardant) costumes are in order. Keep costumes short and remind children to stay away from pumpkins with candles in them.

• Remind children to stay away from pets they do not know.

• Remind children of road safety rules. Cross only at corners. Do not criss-cross the road. Go up one side of the road and down the other side. Never cross between parked cars. Walk facing on-coming traffic if there is no sidewalk

• If adults are driving their children, drive slowly, with lights on and be cautious when pulling to the side of the road.

• Children should wear their own shoes when trick or treating. Wearing costume shoes/boots can be dangerous and uncomfortable.

• Remind children that not everyone celebrates Halloween, and to avoid any homes that have no lights on. Also remind children not to run through neighbours yards or gardens.

• With older children, be sure to know what other events (such as parties) they plan on attending.

• Set time limits when children should return home.


K-12 Consultation Launch

On October 15, we officially launched consultations to start the conversation about the changes we need to make to better meet the needs of students in the future. We know the world is changing and that we too must change to ensure the success of every student.


These consultations are an opportunity to contribute to the future of our students in our schools. The consultations will ensure our future plans are based on the programs that best support our students as we develop a plan to guide us into the future. Simply put, we need the right programs in the right spaces in the right places.

We know how important it is to have the right opportunities and supports in place to prepare students for the future as they transition from TDSB schools to future learning choices, careers and life as responsible, caring citizens in our democratic society.


We want to begin by starting an open, inclusive dialogue around how we can bridge today’s education with the future needs of schools and learning. The dates and times for the city wide consultations are below. All meetings are from 7–9pm.




Tuesday, November 6, Sir John A Macdonald CI, 2300 Pharmacy Ave.

Wednesday, November 7, Danforth Collegiate & Technical Institute, 800 Greenwood Ave.

Thursday, November 8, Bloor CI, 1141 Bloor St. W.

Monday, November 12, Emery Collegiate Institute, 3395 Weston Road

Monday, November 19, Virtual Consultation (TDSB Live) www.tdsb.on.ca


Please visit www.tdsb.on.ca/shapeOURfuture.com for further information.


Special Education Inclusion Town Hall Meetings

The TDSB is hosting four special education inclusion town hall meetings beginning in early October 2012. These town hall meetings will allow staff to gather information from our communities across the city to help us develop a vision that will meet the needs of TDSB students and create inclusive schools. Meetings will take place on November 1 and 8, 2012.

For further information, including times and locations, visit http://www.tdsb.on.ca


2012 United Way Campaign

The TDSB's annual United Way Campaign kicks off mid-October and there are lots of ways for our students, staff and community to get involved this year and make a difference.


The United Way supports agencies and programs that help support many of our staff, students, parents and communities. Their goals are closely interwoven with the TDSB's:

- creating opportunities for youth

- building vibrant, liveable neighbourhoods

- helping newcomers fulfill their potential


There are lots of ways you can make a difference in your homes and classrooms! You can make a pledge, join the TDSB team and run up the CN Tower or participate in school-based events.


For more information on ways to get involved and campaign information, please visit www.unitedwaytoronto.com.


Visitors to the School

Our first priority for all students is their safety.  Board and Provincial guidelines clearly outline the process that all visitors must follow upon their arrival on school property, which begins with reporting to the Main Office to sign in and again to sign out when you leave.   You will be issued a Visitor Badge, which must be worn visibly during your stay.  At dismissal time, please meet your child(ren) at the designated outside door.


Lunch Policy

Please be reminded that the lunch hour is from 11:45 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.   When children stay for lunch, they will eat with their classmates and remain on school property.  If ever there is a need to   leave the school at lunchtime, a written request from the parent is required for each occurrence. 

If you are bringing a lunch for your child to pick up from the office, please ensure that it is labelled with your child’s name, room number or teacher.  Please instruct your child to come to the office at 11:45 a.m. for pickup.  In order to avoid classroom disruptions, students will not be called from class before 11:45 a.m.  Your cooperation is appreciated!


Natasha MacFarlane,
Nov 6, 2012, 1:03 PM